With so many slings on the market, it can be hard to choose which one is right for you. Magpul has three different slings: the MS1 sling, the Magpul MS3 sling, and Magpul MS4 sling. The best way to figure out which one will work best for you is to take a look at their differences below!

The main difference between the slings has to do with their attachment method.

The Magpul MS1 sling is a two-point sling, with the ability to adjust the length only. This is their most basic sling.

The Magpul MS3 sling and the Magpul MS4 sling are very similar to each other. Filling the same role as the standard MS3 Sling, the MS4 can quickly switch between a one-point and two-point configuration. The MS4 has specifications identical to that of the standard MS3, but instead of Magpul Paraclips™, it features two heavy-duty push-button QD Sling Swivels, along with a custom steel connection ring to allow one-to-two-point convertibility. This modification allows compatibility with QD sling cups commonly found on lower receivers, receiver end plates, buttstocks, and many low-profile forward QD Sling Mounts.