Cobratec does it again and continues to roll out new automatic knives. Cobratec Knives occasionally teams up with Boker to collaborate and create a new automatic knives.

This time around, they have created the double action Boker Plus OTF Pen, a fully functional ink pen with a blade. The Böker Plus OTF Pen combines two different EDC tools, adding an automatic blade to a durable ball point pen. What’s not to love here? You get a tactical pen and pig sticker in one tool! Do you really need one of these knives?

The latest project between the two brands in the genre is something quite different. Boker asked Cobratec Knives to give them a unique design they could sell in Germany and exclusive to only Boker.

Sorry folks you can only find this in Germany.

If you were asked to create a product based on the name “OTF Pen,” you’d probably come up with something similar to Böker’s. The pen is constructed of aluminum and features a chassis that mirrors other “tactical” pens in the Böker line; the narrow waist expands out again towards the pen tip, giving it a “flared” appearance.

Specifications for the Boker OTF Pen:

  • Overall Pen length: 19.00 cm or 7.48 inches
  • Blade length: 4.00 cm or 1.57 inches
  • Weight: 37.00 g or 1.31 ounces
  • Blade material: D2
  • Closure: OTF
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminum

The pen itself, a ball point, is deployed by twisting the pen barrel.

The Böker Plus OTF Pen knife combines two different EDC tools, adding an double action automatic blade to a durable ball point pen. This tactical pen is ideal for slicing small objects or opening mail.


Boker and Cobratec Side By Side

The unique feature of this pen is a OTF knife located at the other end. Users can deploy an automatic blade by pushing up on the pocket clip and pushing it in the other direction, which retracts the blade.

  • The blade is tiny drop point, measuring 1.57 inches long, making it a backup knife rather than an EDC item.

Sometimes with these novelty-style products, blade steel is neglected – but enthusiasts will be glad to hear Böker chose to make the OTF Pen’s blade from D2 semi stainless steel, so the little knife should hold an edge for quite a while.

Why would Cobratec and Boker partner up?

There are many reasons why two competing brands would team up. From joint ventures to pooling resources, these reasons can be numerous. Most of the time when brands team up it is to learn from each other and share suppliers.

When it comes to Cobratec and Boker partnering up, they both have one goal in mind: delivering high-quality products at an affordable price.

Cobratec Pen Knife

The Cobratec OTF Pen has a slimmer design than the Boker pen. It is made from CNC machined aluminum and features a safety feature, so you can carry it in your pocket to prevent accidental discharge.

It features a pocket clip, so you can carry it out in the open, ready for use when needed. The OTF Pen knife comes in several finishes and includes a twist-off cap that conceals the blade when you hide it.

Cobratec gives the following specifications for this OTF Pen:

  • Style​:​ OTF
  • Edge​:​ Type Plain
  • Open Type​:​ Out the Front
  • Blade Length​:​ 1.75″
  • Blade Material​:​ D2 Stainless Steel
  • Handle Description​:​ Black Aluminum
  • Pen Length: 5.63″

Its also noted that Cobratec knives gives you guys a extra ink cartridge in their deal.

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This tactical pen combines the best features of both EDC tools by adding an automatic blade on one side and a ballpoint pen on the other. The beauty of this design is its versatility; you can use it as either a tactical self defense pen or everyday carry item depending on your needs.