How to install your Strike Industries Glock 19 Extended Base Plate

With so many Glock accessories on the market we wanted to walk you through installing a new extended magazine from Strike Industries.

Package includes



1-Steel Plate with screw

1-Allen wrench

Remove the magazine and make sure the weapon is clear or just use a spare OEM Glock magazine you have laying around.

Remove OEM base plate with your Glock tool or this Glock tool from Strike Industries, floor plate and spring. As you slide the base plate off, keep pressure on the floor plate and spring with your thumb to prevent your spring from hitting you in the face.

Tip: The Glock baseplate can be a little tricky to remove. There are two plastic tabs on the side of the magazine under the plate that may need a little finesse in order to slide the baseplate off. Just press the sides in a little to aid in the removal of the Glock baseplate.

Remove the follower from OEM spring and attach onto the new spring. Be sure to observe how you disassembled the follower on the old spring. You can now set aside the old spring and floorplate for another project or just throw it away.

Reinsert the new spring provided in the package into the magazine.

Simultaneously, using your thumb press down on the spring and slide the new Glock 19 extended base plate EMP extension on the magazine. Two hands may be required and a little more finesse.

Insert steel plate into the slot and secure it with the provided screw.

Warning:  DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN set screw when installing the steel locking plate.  The steel locking plate may appear “loose” however when the set screw is flush with the back of the EMP body, you do not have to tighten anymore. Overtightening from this point will potentially damage the product.

There you go!

This Glock magazine upgrade adds +5 to the 9mm Glock 19 or +4 to the Glock 23 40 S&W.  Please be sure to check your local laws around magazine capacity.

If you are not interested in this project we have these already pre-assembled for you.