The Castration blade is a type of blade that not a lot of people know about or care enough about really to own a knife with a blade that has a bad rap.

The origin of the term “castration blade” is related to the surgical procedure (castration) as well as the knife’s shape or profile. This type of blade has a long history of being known for use on humans too.

Getting to know this OTF knife

Castration in GOTCastration was often used for religious or social reasons in some cultures such as Europe, south and east Asia, and Africa. In some cases, after battles winners sometimes castrated their defeated enemies to represent their victory. It was used as practice to end opposing male lineages and to allow the victor to possess the defeated group’s women. Nothing says we kicked your butt like chopping off your manhood.

In ancient times, castration often involved emasculation or the total removal of all the male genitalia. This involved great danger of death due to bleeding or infection and was really seen as a death sentence. Removal of only the testicles had much less risk.

Modern Uses of the Castration Blade

Today, the castration blade is a special knife designed and used for the purpose of castrating animals, most commonly bulls, horses and pigs. Castration Blade Knives have been a long-time favorite tool among the farming community. They are a simple, cost effective way of maintaining livestock and to control animal population.

In some prisons today castrations are still being performed surgically and chemically. In 1969, a study in Kansas discovered that men incarcerated in the same facility lived an extra 14 years…. No thanks.

OTF Castration Blade – Final Thoughts

While the castration blade is not a popular style probably due to the fact that the name refers to getting your testes removed. It looks like more of a straight razor for shaving but I don’t see shaving with one either.  I’m not going to try shaving with a OTF knife anytime soon. We do however like that Cobratec Knives has included this OTF blade in their lineup. This knife definitely says don’t mess with me.  

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