Cobratec on Amazon – Read this first before you buy an OTF Knife

What I will address here is why you won’t find Cobratec on Amazon. Also, major brands like Benchmade and Microtec with automatic OTF knives in their lineup will not be found either.  What you will find are generic OTF knives from China but buyer beware! They all come from fly by night sellers who advertise them as folding knives. They do this to get around Amazon’s rules for automatic knives. They have a huge list of prohibited items that are not allowed to be sold on the site and that includes items that are in fulfillment centers nationwide.

The picture below is a great example of a Chinese OTF being sold on Amazon as a folding knife. The free delivery date suggests that the knife is coming from China. I am writing this article August 17,2021 to be clear.  The seller Kesoud LLC is also a great way to tell that the seller is from China and the knife itself sourced from a Chinese manufacturer.

Generic Chinese OTF

This is an example of a risky Amazon purchase. Buyer Beware!

Amazon’s policy prohibits the listing or sale of certain knives, including switchblades, balisongs, stilettos, and some blades designed to look like harmless items. If you get caught selling prohibited items you can be barred from selling on Amazon.

Fly by night sellers

Fly by night sellers refers to 3rd party sellers who are there one day and gone the next. That is not literal. They might be selling for a few months or a year only to be shutdown because they didn’t read the TOS (Terms of Service) agreement.  The danger here is buying an OTF knife from one of these sellers. Here are two dangers.


If your automatic knife breaks for any reason or fails to deploy and you need to replace it good luck! A product’s warranty acts as a guarantee that it will perform. However, not all warranties are equal. A warranty might cover a product for a lifetime or a matter of days. It may cover all kinds of damage or be limited to specific defects. Certain actions, such as misuse, may render a warranty invalid, preventing you from returning a broken product.

Understanding how warranties are created and operate will help you know when you can return a product for damage or defect.


If the company you bought your knife from is banned from Amazon good luck there too. Your stuck with a defective knife with no chance of getting your money back.

So what are your options?

You best option in buying a name brand OTF knife online is to either go to the brand’s website or order one from reputable dealer. Before you order a knife you will also need to check with your state laws to see if you are able to legally own and carry a OTF knife in your pocket.

In conclusion

You won’t find a Cobratec on Amazon. If your buying an OTF knife for the first time here is a tip. Do your homework first and buy a OTF knife with a solid warranty from a US based company or reputable dealer. If you do have problems with your knife you can have piece of mind that your concerns will be address the right way and resolved quickly. Do not let your eagerness get the best of you until you have read this first.

We all love Amazon. Some more than others. I tend to be less than enthusiastic about them. They have great products you can buy and have it delivered the next day. You really can’t beat that with a stick! These days it pays to have it delivered to your door instead of going out and hunting for it at the stores.

We hope you enjoyed this article on why you won’t find a Cobratec on Amazon. Please comment below if you have something add or your thoughts on this subject.