The Magpul MS3 Sling used in Oblivion

Yesterday, I watched a sci-fi movie from 2013 called Oblivion. In the movie, Tom Cruise plays a role of Jack Harper, Tech 49.  Set in the year 2077 (Not too many years from now), Earth has been devastated by an alien invasion.

In the film, Jack’s job is to repair and maintain combat drones. He carries this futuristic Bushmaster ACR throughout most of the film. There is some debate about the color of the rifle being white the color is GREY.  I mean why would he be running around with a white rifle in a white leather jacket? Not very tactical Jack!

At least in the film they chose to go with a one point configuration on the sling instead of a two point. The movie studio had to make his situation somewhat believable.

Bushmaster ACR in Oblivion

Futuristic Bushmaster ACR VS the current Bushmaster ACR

The Bushmaster rifle in the film is also customized with a grey Magpul MS-3 Sling. They painted the Paraclips grey in the movie. The paraclips on the MS3 sling MAG514 are black right out of the package.

Magpul has two variants of the MS3 rifle sling that are sold and I will list them here:

The Magpul MS3 Sling GEN2 MAG514 Multi Mission Sling $49.95

mag514ms3The Magpul MS3 MMS, (Multi Mission Sling) used in the movie is a versatile weapon-retention solution that you can use in many tactical environments. For example, if you need to be fast, it can be used as one-point attachment; but if you need more stability (for example, shooting), then you can use two-point attachment.

The MS3 MAG514, also has the MS1 quick adjust slider which you can use to make fast sling adjustments to give it slack or chinch it up to keep your weapon close to you. This sling also uses the Magpul Paraclip™ which is a clip style attachment point for 1 ¼ webbing. It provides quick release capabilities for emergencies and its cross bolt locking bar allows the user to lock the Paraclip for extra security. I personally like this more than the QD more. This sling come in 4 colors: Black, Stealth Grey, Coyote, and Ranger Green.

The Magpul MS3 Single QD Sling GEN2 MAG515 $55.05

Black Magpul MS3 SlingThe MS3 Single QD can quickly change to a one-point and two-point configuration. The MS3 Single QD maintains the material construction and specifications identical to that of the MS3 MAG514 sling. It features a heavy-duty push-button QD Sling Swivel for the one-point (rear) weapon attachment rather than the Paraclip™.

This modification allows compatibility with QD sling cups commonly found on lower receivers, receiver end plates, and buttstocks. The MS3 Single QD GEN2 incorporates the MS1 low profile quick-adjust Slider which minimizes bulk and allows for secure, yet effortless, sling adjustment. Webbing length has also been increased for a comfortable fit with all body types and armor configurations.

This sling also comes in 4 colors: Black, Stealth Grey, Coyote, and Ranger Green.

Price of the slings

As you can tell from the 2 comparisons above, the prices on the slings range from $49.95 for the MS3 MAG514 and $55.05 for the MS3 MAG515. The reason for the cost difference is the hardware on the slings has more of a cost.  I was able to find some deals on slings here. We like this site because we occasionally find great deals on products or services.

Final thoughts

You would be surprised that a lot of people are confused about the two MS3 slings from Magpul. I hope I might have cleared some of the confusion up by informing you a little bit about them. You can also make an informed decision about which MS3 sling you run with your futuristic battle rifle or just your AR-15 for now. Personally, I also would have gone with the MS3 MAG514 but that’s just me.