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Do you offer Priority Shipping?
👉NO, we do not offer Priority shipping. However, anytime your shipment is over 15 OZ it will automatically send as Priority shipping.  We either ship with USPS or UPS.
Are OTF Knives illegal?
We have a comprehensive compilation of the laws generously provided and update by The American Knife & Tool Institute.
Are you a drop shipper?
👉The answer to that is a big heck no! We believe that drop shipping ruins the customer experience. If you have to wait 2 weeks for your package to ship after you place an order from the other guys that is not good.
Does Cobratec make good knives?

👉Yes! All of their products are quality OTF knives assembled in Texas and backed by a lifetime warranty.

You can expect many years of use from knives from a company that focuses on the customer rather than being another face in the crowd.

What does AIT stand for?
👉In short it stands for All It Takes! AIT Arms. We believe All It Takes is a little hard work and persistance to make things happen.