The Remington 870 is a pump-action shotgun that was first produced in 1951. It has been used by the military, law enforcement and civilians for various purposes over the years. The most common use of the Remington 870 today is as a home defense weapon. With so many people using this gun, it’s important to know how to change the stock on Remington 870 if needed!

First, get a smaller size Phillips screwdriver and apply a coat of soap to the shank to loosen it up.

On the top and bottom of the rubber pad you’ll see tiny holes. Insert the screwdriver into each hole and unscrew the screw that’s inside. (The soap prevents tearing the hole out).

Once the pad is off, use a LARGE long shank screw driver with a flat bit to unscrew the stock bolt.

BE CAREFUL. If the screwdriver slides out of the screw slot, the screwdriver can break out the side of the stock.

Some people wrap a thick wrap of tape around the shank of the screwdriver to keep it centered in the hole and on the screw slot.

To install the new stock simply reverse the process.

Note that most wood stocks have a flat steel spacer between the stock and the receiver.

This is NOT needed or used on synthetic stocks.

Remington stocks have many different specifications to choose from such as length, weight and material. If you are not sure what stock is best for your needs, consult a gunsmith or Remington representative.