How to level up your Glock

Did you just buy a Glock handgun? Now you’re looking to level up your Glock go out and shoot it to see how you fare at the range. Most people get one and they want to upgrade it ASAP to keep up the Johnsons.  You joined the Facebook group with so many people talking about the millions of upgrades they did to their Glock. Well, all those upgrades like cut slides, extended magazines, and shiny barrels don’t mean a thing until you get to know your handgun and what it can do and not do.

You’re going to want to make it pretty. Don’t go down this road just yet. Upgrade the sights, guide rod, and trigger.

The Sights

The Glock sights are plastic and they work ok. If you get into a situation your going to need the advantage over your opponent.  Things happen quickly and you want to minimize your onsite target acquisition time faster than your threat.

Replace the rear site with a good red dot optic. You are going to do it anyways down the road.  The front sight will be useless so don’t bother upgrading your sights with night sights.

The Guide Rod

As with the front sights, the stock guide rod is also plastic. Replacing the guide rod will add a little more weight but it is needed to eliminate muzzle rise or flip giving you tighter shot groups.  Adding a new guide rod will not damage your frame or internals.

Go for a tungsten guide rod over a steel rod. It is heavier than steel.

The Trigger

Many options now exist and it’s easier than ever to improve this highly and often a talked-about component. While the stock Glock trigger has served people for a little over fifty years, it does have a reputation for being less than “desirable.”

The most common sticking point stated about stock Glock triggers is that they feel dirty or like parts are grinding. They also have a tendency to have varying levels of resistance in their travel. Most Glock shooters comment that they feel like they hit a couple of “walls” of tension along the way. These complaints, along with a desire to simply increase the speed of the trigger, have driven the growth of gun parts in the industry. There are many great options out there, but the three listed here are the ones you should focus on first before you go all out on dressing up that Glock.

With Glock’s, they have over 6 pounds on the stock trigger and a lot of people say that shooting the Glock many times will improve the trigger. With the ammunition market conditions that exist today that’s really not an option unless you have wads of cash like Bill Gates.  Just kidding.

You might consider dry fire drills to improve your aim. Glock recommends that if you are going to dry fire it is best to do so with snap caps or dummy rounds.  Where is the fun in that?

The Conclusion

Everyone has their own 2 cents to throw in. If you visit the many gun forums you will see everyone has their thoughts and opinions. Some have valid points and there are people you should not take advice from.  In the end, it is your Glock.