There are many reasons building an AR 15 is better than buying one. One of the main reasons is because building your rifle can be a lot more fun and rewarding than going to your local sporting goods store and purchasing one preassembled. It’s also a great way to show off your skills as a gunsmith or hobbyist.

A little context first as it relates to this article

I have a friend who shall remain nameless who is building an AR 15 and so far he loves it. About a year ago, he told me he was going to upgrade his Harley again. Now his motorcycle was completely stock when he bought it. Since then, he has completely customized his motorcycle and the modifications that were done to it are absolutely stunning. With all the upgrades and modifications done, his motorcycle is now worth more than when he bought it.

He told me he was going to finally break down and buy an AR 15. Knowing how he likes to upgrade a stock motorcycle I told him, building one would be so much more fun. The fact that he has never built an AR-15 before makes it even better because building your own rifle is a great way to learn the ins and outs of every single part inside the gun.

Should you build and AR 15

Well, building an AR 15 is a great way to get practice for building other rifles and guns as well. There are pros and cons to building an AR 15 and buying one. Building your own rifle is definitely more cost effective but building them takes time, patience and a whole lot of determination.

When considering building you should consider some factors such as the level of customization, shooting performance, the amount of time, and the time it takes to complete.

The lower receiver is the part of your rifle that is generally considered to be the firearm itself. In other words, it is the part that you need first and is controlled by the ATF.

Level of customization

Building a rifle offers more customizability than pre-assembled AR 15s. When constructing an AR 15, there are so many possibilities because to the fact that there are so many colors, barrel lengths, and kinds of grips available for purchase. Each part of an AR 15 can be upgraded or changed to suit your taste. Accessories such as different kinds of grips, sights and gun slings are widely available.

Shooting Performance

Building your own rifle allows you to have control over how much power, accuracy, and performance the gun has depending on what parts are being used. This factor is important because if a shooter builds their own firearm using different parts they would know exactly what the gun is capable of doing.

This factor makes building your own rifle more appealing to many people because they can get just about any accuracy and performance their heart desires out of the firearm depending on how extreme or basic they want it .

How long does building an AR 15 take?

That depends on your level of expertise, building an AR-15 can take anywhere from a few hours to several days depending on how much customizing you are doing.

There are also many sources of information on building your own rifle such as YouTube videos and forums that can help guide you along the process if necessary.

For building an AR 15, the time depends on what kind of customization and parts that you want in your gun. Another thing to consider when building an AR 15 is to think about how your going to carry it around. Check out a article on Magpul slings to consider on your next build or upgrade.

What’s your Budget

When considering building or purchasing an AR 15 you should consider how much money you want to invest in this project. Building an AR-15 can cost anywhere from $500 to $2000 depending on the parts that you use and how much customizing is done.

For beginner, $500 will get you a budget build that will perform decently. For building an AR 15, you could look into building a gun that is around $500 or less to get the barebones of what makes up your rifle. This kind of build would be perfect for those who are still learning and experimenting with building their own firearm.

For more experienced builders looking for accuracy and performance probably be enough to get the parts they need and building from there will depend on how much money is being spent.

Going out and buying an AR 15

When considering buying one online, a local store, or even a gun show. There are a few things to consider when choosing where you want to purchase your AR 15 from.

First, think about how much time and research you put into building the firearm because this will help determine what kind of service you can expect from that specific dealer or online store.

Second, if buying online it would be a good idea to research the website and find out if they have a great reputation when it comes to selling firearms. You should also research the company’s return policy because this will help you determine if buy your rifle with them is worth it.

Lastly, a gun show is a great idea too. You can find out what kind of deals are available when buying an AR 15. Gun shows offer you many choices in the same place at the same time!

Your level customization

Buying an AR 15 at a store, whether online or in a local store, you lose out on the customization that is available when building an AR 15. Remember, they are they are to sell you what they have in stock.

Stores generally do not have custom guns at their disposal, and while some gun shows have a lot of options to choose from the quality might not be up to par. The only way to know is for you to do your homework.

When building an AR 15 you get to choose the color, barrel length and even the height of your front sight post without having to settle for what they have in stock or not being able to find it at all! There is a lot more freedom when building an AR15 than just buying one off-the shelf from a store or gun show.

Performance of the AR 15

A quality rifle can be purchased from a reputable store. A trustworthy gun shop ensures the quality and performance of their items. Building your own AR 15 allows you to ensure its performance.

Time in the store

Buying an AR 15 from a gun store can also take time. Be prepared to spend at least an hour or more depending on background checks to go through. Gun shows are a good option too. You might have to wait in line, but you can get through it quicker than at a gun store.

Blowing the Budget

Buying a pre-built AR 15 can cost more. The beauty of buying one that is pre-built is that they might need a good cleaning and some lubrication and its ready to shoot right off the shelf or gun show table.

Another thing to consider is that name brand rifles like Ruger, Smith and Wesson, and Daniel Defense are going to come with a larger price. When building an AR 15 you can choose the brands that work best for your needs and purchase them accordingly.

In conclusion

Building an AR 15 can be rewarding and fun versus going out and purchasing one at your local sporting goods store. There are many online sources of information that will help guide you along the process if necessary.

Overall, building your own rifle has many benefits and there are various ways of doing so depending on what you want out of this project. It’s definitely worth considering building your very first or next custom AR 15.