In a world where women are more independent than ever before, it just makes sense that women should be comfortable with knives. In this day and age of a woman’s independence being supported by society as well as their thriving in self confidence levels – having the ability to use one is only going help empower you even further!

An OTF knife is a great way to get into the world of knives. OTFs are not for all women – but they are certainly not just for men either! OTF knives are very tactical in nature. There are OTF knives that look like traditional pocket knives and OTF knives with flashy colors that might appeal to you.

OTF knives that are great for women have a design that is sleek, lightweight and isn’t going to be in the way when in a purse or in a pocket. OTF knives also don’t need to be opened with two hands – meaning they can be handled easier by one hand which makes them very valuable in a self defense situation.

I’ll start by stating that while I personally feel that every person (not just women) should be able to defend themselves if necessary, the purpose of this blog is to emphasize how knives may be used by ladies as more than simply a weapon.

Scary Woman

OTF knives are not scary tools

For many women the term “OTF knife” may sound frightening, but let me clarify. Most of our brains think self-defense when the words “woman” and “knife” are used together; while self-defense is an important reason I advocate that every woman carry a knife, it isn’t the only one.

OTF knives are great tools to have around the house. OTF knives can be used for opening boxes, cutting rope, even picking stubborn zippers on boots! OTF knives are practical tools that women should not be afraid of! OTF knives can be carried anywhere OTF knives are legal to carry – so they can even be carried in your purse! OTFs are not scary tools that women should fear, but practical OTF knives are great tools that women should cherish.

My wife carries one on her keychain. Its small in nature and she gets compliments all the time on how nice it is.

women self defense

OTF knives aren’t just cute pocket knives

OTF knives are far from just being a tool you carry around. OTF knives are a self-defense tool as well. OTF knives and other OTF and OTF style knives (like the Karambit) can be used very effectively in a self-defense situation!

Knives are also a great option for self-defense, especially for women who are apprehensive about carrying a gun. Sometimes carrying a gun might not be the best option such as jogging in a park. Carrying an OTF knife would be a great option instead of carrying a firearm in this case. The fact is that no one knows when an assault is going to occur, so if a lady is armed, she can defend herself if life throws her into a bad situation.

Training may also be very beneficial in the field of self defense. There are plenty of courses that can be taken around OTF knives that will help women be more comfortable with OTF knives.

An OTF Knife might save your life

There are plenty of great reasons why an OTF knife is a great idea and one might be that OTF knives might just save your life! OTF knives are a great alternative to pepper spray and most OTF knives are legal everywhere. OTF knives may not be the only tool you rely on for self-defense, but OTFs can certainly help if ever needed.

They are small enough to put in your purse or pocket. OTF knives can be quickly accessible when a gun isn’t. OTFs provide women with a great self-defense option without sticking out like a sore thumb!

OTF knives come in many colors and options

As OTFs are becoming more popular with women, OTF manufacturers are starting to take note of women’s preferences in OTFs. OTF manufacturers have started to make OTFs more colorful and even knives with pink handles!

Knives are available in a variety of forms, sizes, and styles, so discretion is an alternative! If you prefer to carry yours in a purse or use a pocket clip and stow it away in your trendy jeans the means to carry one are endless.

Our final verdict

Knives are, in the end, beneficial to women. You must replace the “Ahhh! Knives! They’re terrifying and only for men!” mentality. Start a conversation with someone who can shed some light on this or go to a gun show to see many options you might have. Knives are quite useful for a variety of reasons outside the kitchen, including every day usage, emergency situations, and self-defense.

So what are your thoughts?