Attention all you safe queen guys or gals! Did you just buy another gun only to find out you didn’t like it as much as you thought you would? Is it another Safe Queen destined for that black hole you call a safe? We all know these folks and perhaps this might be you! Most shooters accumulate a few of these over the years for varying reasons.

But what if your gun doesn’t get used? What happens when a person buys a safe queen gun? The term refers to any firearm that’s been bought for its collector value or as a whim but not fired. Guns have been bought as collectors items or guns that were just purchased on a whim in order to impress others without being actually fired out of fear that it will be damaged somehow.

It may seem like these types of guns serve no purpose but here are some reasons why they are still very important. They are also considered great investments because over time it will only increase in value.

Another reason why they are important is that it’s better to own guns than not to own them at all, no matter how much they get used or not. If you do not use your guns for protection you can sell them and have some extra cash just in case you need it. What is even worse is a gun rusting away in your collection when they can be used to protect you or others.

Although guns are widely used only a small fraction of people have ever fired a gun in their lives, so many people do not understand the importance of having them around.

What is a Safe Queen?

The term “safe queen” translated basically as an item, typically something of use or value, that is kept locked away in a safe place so as not to cause devalue to said item.

A safe queen is an item that has been bought for the intention to use but ended up in a safe or worse in the back of a closet. Safe queens can include guns that were bought for their collector value or because it was just purchased on a whim to impress others without actually firing it out of fear that it will be damaged.

Safe queens are also considered great investments because over time they will only increase in value as some items might be hard to find.

gun collections

Hard to find collections

Celebrities are gun collectors too. Some of them have a lot of guns that they have never fired or used for anything other than just to sit in their safe and look pretty.

There are a couple of examples of guns that might be destined to go in a safe place.

Brad Pitt

When Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were still together, Jesse James, a notorious gun customizer and reality TV star, created a pair of awesome Cisco 1911 handguns for them. Both Cisco 1911s are Government model weapons. Jolie’s was chambered in 9mm while Pitt’s was in .45acp. I wonder what ultimately happened with those guns. Its hard to believe those two pistols went their separate ways in the divorce between the two Hollywood actors.

“BIG PAPA” is etched on Pitt’s pistol slide.

Brad Pitts Custom Pistol

Brad Pitt’s Big Papa pistol. (Photo courtesy: Jesse James Firearms Unlimited)

Tom Selleck

Mostly known for his portrayal of Magnum P.I. in the 80s television series and more recently Blue Bloods. In fact, some of his guns can be found at the NRA museum in a modest exhibit.

Some of his guns on display are:

  • Shiloh Sharps #3 Rifle in .45-110 caliber that was featured in “Quigley Down Under” (1990)
  • A Henry rifle 44.40 Reproduction featured in “Last Stand at Sabre River” (1997)
  • .45 Smith and Wesson Schofield revolver in ‘Crossfire Trail” (2001)
  • Winchester 1876 .45-60 “Crossfire Trail” (2001)
  • 1887 Winchester 12 ga shotgun from “Monte Walsh”
  • An Ivory gripped Colt SAA reproduction from “Monte Walsh”

Buying on a whim

Sometimes you need to resist buying a gun on a whim. The firearm you buy when in the mood

might end up in your safe. A gun that is bought on impulse or to impress others might lead up to a case of buyers remorse later on. I’m sure your house or safe has a few examples of bad buys.

For instance, when you are in the mood to buy one gun but end up buying two instead because it’s cheaper when you buy them together. Before you know it, your guns pile up in the safe and never get used.

Are you an impulse buyer

Here is an interesting fact from a recent poll conducted for Creditcards.com.

Among men, 23% report “having an urge to buy something over $1000,” compared to 11% of women.

Our conclusion on Safe Queen guns

Guns are an integral part of American society. If you live in the United States, chances are you own at least one or two of them. Many people own more than one gun because it is their right to do so; they can protect themselves and their families with guns.

What are you thoughts on safe queens?



James Cambern is the owner of AIT Arms in Kansas City, MO. He doesn’t have much to say, but when something needs to be said he doesn’t hold back. He has a passion for fast cars and drinking Deer Blood on occasion. You might find him at the range or building his next rifle (he loves customizing AR-15s). He has two beautiful daughters and a loving wife, Cassy.