You know your Kimber is a finely tuned precision instrument. You take it to the range and put rounds downrange with confidence knowing that you’re getting the best performance possible. What if I told you that shooting cheap ammo in your Kimber would affect its function and performance on the range?

That’s right, there are certain types of ammunition out there that can cause problems for guns like yours, not to mention they might also ruin them altogether!

Cheap ammo might be tempting because it’s usually cheaper than quality ammo but think about this: when you spend time and money finding the perfect rifle or handgun, do you want to jeopardize all your hard earned dollars by using something inferior?

Of course not! So invest in quality ammunition for optimum accuracy and maximum satisfaction at the range.

It’s not your Kimber, it’s your cheap ammunition!

Many new Kimber owners report problems with Kimber pistols and many times it’s not because of the gun at all. A lot of newbies to firearms will go out seeking cheap ammo and experience problems like failure-to-fire, stovepipes and other malfunctions that can be traced back to poor quality or incorrect ammunition rather than the actual weapon itself.

What Kimber recommends

Use good ammunition, according to Kimber. Choose from well-known companies like Federal, Winchester, or Remington since ammunition produced by them has shown to be more reliable .of consistent high quality. Their function testing is done with Federal 230 grain FMJ.

Use of Plus P ammo

You can use +P ammo in Kimber pistols manufactured to SAAMI specs. Kimber does not recommend prolonged use of +P ammo as it will accelerate the wear on the gun and may shorten the life of the recoil spring. You can use it at the range or for defensive use.

Use of reloads

Reloading or remanufacturing ammunition can be hazardous, and any problems that arise are not covered by Kimber’s warranty. I would not recommend use of reloaded or remanufactured ammunition.

How cheap ammo can affect accuracy and ruin your gun

Choosing low quality ammo can drastically affect your accuracy. You can be 100% sure that what is coming out of the barrel of your gun is supposed to go where you want it to, so why would you take a chance with something less than the best?

Low quality ammunition can also cause issues like failure-to-fire, failure-to-eject and more malfunctions than you can count. Here are some common problems with cheap ammo in rifles:

Lack of accuracy

These cheap rounds are often not consistent with each other in terms of manufacturing specs. The outcomes can be all over the place, even if the rifle is secured to a bench rest and nothing moves or shifts between shots.

Barrel Fouling

Cheap rounds often foul the barrel and chamber more quickly than higher quality rounds. You will have to clean your Kimber more often if you’re using low quality rounds.

Shortened barrel lifespan

The added wear and tear of regular use with cheap ammo can cause premature wear on your barrel, reducing its lifespan by many rounds over time. A shorter life for your barrel will mean needing to purchase an entirely new one at some point in the future, costing you more cash.

Cycling issues

The cartridge’s internal geometry can have an influence on feeding, particularly in semi- or full-autos, but occasionally in bolt action. Cheap rounds can cause jams due to their low power and powder charges. Duds are also more prevalent than normal.

If you want the best accuracy and reliability for your Kimber, invest in quality ammunition from a reputable company. Check with your gun dealer for advice on the best ammo to use and whether or not they have it in stock!

Final Thoughts

Kimber manufactures high-quality firearms, but there are many factors that can affect your experience at the range other than the gun itself. Choosing cheaper ammunition is a quick way to cause problems with your Kimber and will negatively impact its performance on the shooting range. You’ll never want to use cheap ammo again once you try quality rounds from a reputable company.

So, if you want to protect your investment and enjoy all that your Kimber has to offer, then do yourself a favor and invest in quality ammunition today. So don’t be cheap with your Kimber. After all you spent good money on it. Feed it the ammo it deserves with top quality ammo today!

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James Cambern is the owner of AIT Arms in Kansas City, MO. He doesn’t have much to say, but when something needs to be said he doesn’t hold back. He has a passion for fast cars and drinking Deer Blood on occasion. You might find him at the range or building his next rifle (he loves customizing AR-15s). He has two beautiful daughters and a loving wife, Cassy.