Anderson Manufacturing

100% American Made.

100% Anderson.

Anderson Manufacturing has been in business for more than 30 years. It has created some of the most innovative guns on the market today, including the Anderson AM-15. Their flagship product, RF 85, is the world’s only no lube rifle, which outperforms every other brand on the market.

Family owned. Kentucky proud. The industry’s highest-quality, value-priced rifles, parts and accessories are made at their facility. Anderson Manufacturing is an American company that manufactures firearms for the civilian, law enforcement, and military markets. Driven by precision engineering—and backed by unrivaled technology—Anderson remains one of the largest and most trusted rifle manufacturers in America.

Always striving for excellence, Anderson builds their own parts ensuring a perfectly machined part in every way. Featuring superior products such as AR-15 Receivers, AR-15 Parts, Gun Parts, and more, Anderson Manufacturing uses only the finest equipment and materials.


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