High Capacity Magazines

AIT Arms carries a wide variety of high capacity magazines for weapons such as the AR-15, Glock handguns, Ruger guns, SiG, HK, Smith & Wesson, and many more.

high-capacity magazine (or large-capacity magazine) is a firearm magazine capable of holding more than the standard number of rounds provided by the designer. It may also be defined as high-capacity in a legal sense, based on the number of cartridges that is normally allowed by law in a given jurisdiction for a given firearm.

Drum magazines are high-capacity magazines that are in a cylindrical shape; they once had a reputation for unreliability, but technological improvements resulted in better performance and cheaper cost. As a result, drum magazines became more common in the civilian market in the United States, although they are far less common than standard, lower-capacity box magazines.

Please check with your state before ordering one from this website or see our policy on shipping high capacity magazines.

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