Ruger 10/22 25 Round Magazine 22LR, Black BX25


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  • Ruger BX-25
  • Polymer Body Material
  • 25-Round Capacity
  • Steel Feed Lips



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This Ruger 10/22 25 round magazine converts your 22LR semi-auto into an effective tactical carbine. The Ruger BX-25 magazine features high-quality components and precise manufacturing that will ensure long-lasting performance and reliability. The stainless steel spring provides reliable feeding.

These Ruger magazines were designed in-house by Ruger, for flawless function and reliability in any Ruger factory original 10/22 Rifle. The polymer body and follower make the magazine capable of handling extended use and almost any environment. The steel magazine feed lips are engineered to handle thousands of rounds without major wear, reducing ammo feeding-related issues and solving the problem that has been present in increased-capacity 10/22 magazines since their inception. The BX magazine's 25-round capacity and high functional reliability make any trip to the range enjoyable, with more time spent shooting and less time clearing malfunctions and reloading.


  • Color: Black
  • Caliber: 22LR
  • Capacity: 25 Rounds
  • Fit: Ruger 10/22, SR-22, 22 Charger Pistol, 22 LR Ruger 77/22
  • MFG MDL #: 90361
  • UPC: 736676903610

The Ruger BX-25 factory magazine has proven itself to feed as reliably as standard BX-1 rotary magazine.

The BX-25 is made of extremely durable Polymer and the feed lips are Steel, the perfect combination for highly durable and lightweight magazine.

*Low speed rounds could arise some feeding issues so it is recommended that if you have problems cycling rounds, switching to a higher velocity round should solve your problems.

BX-25 magazines will effortlessly work with any factory original 10-22 Rifle, SR-22 Rifle, 22 Charger Pistol, .22 LR Ruger American Rimfire Rifle and .22 LR Ruger 77-22 Rifle.

The BX-25 is the choice when you need lots of magazine capacity but also durable and lightweight magazines.

The .22 LR:

American cartridge manufacturer Union Metallic Cartridge Company most likely introduced the .22 Long Rifle cartridge as early as 1884. The round owes its origin to the .22 BB Cap of 1845 and the .22 Short of 1857. It combined the case of the .22 Long of 1871 with a 45-grain (2.9 g) bullet, giving it a longer overall length, a higher muzzle velocity and superior performance as a hunting and target round, rendering the .22 Extra Long cartridges obsolete. The .22 LR uses a heeled bullet, which means that the bullet is the same diameter as the case, and has a narrower "heel" portion that fits in the case. It is one of the few cartridges that are accepted by a large variety of rifles and handguns.

The .22 LR cartridge is popular with both novice shooters and experts. Its minimal recoil and relatively low noise make it an ideal cartridge for recreational shooting, small-game hunting, and pest control. .22 LR cadet rifles are commonly used by military cadets and others for basic firearms and marksmanship training. It is used by the Boy Scouts of America for the rifle shooting merit badge.

The low recoil of the cartridge makes it ideal for introductory firearms courses. Novice shooters can be surprised or frightened by the noise and recoil of more powerful rounds. Beginners shooting firearms beyond their comfort level frequently develop a habit of flinching in an attempt to counter anticipated recoil. The resulting habit impedes correct posture and follow-through at the most critical phase of the shot and is difficult to correct. With high recoil eliminated, other errors in marksmanship technique are easier to identify and correct.

As a hunting cartridge, rimfires are mainly used to kill small game up to the size of coyotes. Although proper shot placement can kill larger animals such as deer or hog, it is not recommended because its low power may not guarantee a humane kill. The largest recorded animal killed with a .22 LR rifle was a grizzly bear in 1953.

The Ruger BX-25 Magazine Review and Testing


Ruger 10/22 25 Round Magazine Specifications

Polymer and steel

25 Rounds

8.6 oz.

The BX-25 magazine requires no lubrication. If it becomes necessary to clean the magazine, loosen the screws on the right side of the magazine with a 3/32’’ hex tool. Next, separate the two halves, lifting the right side from the left side, and then lift out the spring, throat and follower from the left side. To reassemble the magazine, reverse the order of the disassembly instructions.

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 2 in







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